Genesis Fernandez, Senior Scheduling Coordinator
Genesis has been a part of our team since 2008.  Coming from a management background she enjoys helping patients coordinate their appointments and welcoming patients to our office.  Patients are addicted to her sweetness and bright smile. She has a soft spot for animals, romantic comedies, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Favorite hobbies: Enjoys drawing and listening to music 

Mercy Suarez

Mercy Suarez, Scheduling Coordinator
Mercy was a patient in our office since 1990 and joined our team in 2013.  She comes from a finance background. Mercy is married and has two sons.  Planning our office events and catering to patients are the most rewarding parts of her position. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious; she is ready to “Zumba” at all times. Mercy loves to spend time with family, and friends in her spare time.

Favorite hobbies: Zumba and fishing

carrie stendardo.jpg

Carrie Stendardo, Bookeeper
Carrie has been a patient of our office since 1979. She has an accounting background and joined our team in 2008.  Her favorite part is spending time with the doctors and staff. Her great heart and selfless soul keep her busy helping the less fortunate. Her life is devoted to her granddaughters and husband, who is a saint.

Favorite hobby: Traveling to Austria and Switzerland

mayren parrado.jpg

Mayren Parrado, Dental Assistant
Originally a medical doctor in Cuba, Mayren joined our practice in 1995. Her whit and quick responses are greatly appreciated by all; she is the one who makes us laugh.  She enjoys being able to be hands on helping patients improve their dental health. She is married with two sons and a gorgeous dog. She loves beach days with her family.

Favorite travel destination: Anywhere

Ivette Camacho, Dental Assistant
Ivette joined our practice in 1997. Ivette has one son, named Alex.  Our entire office knows all of accomplishments that Alex achieves on a daily basis. The aspect of her job she enjoys the most is patient interaction. Ivette takes her dental assisting role to another level; her background in education plays a huge role in her interaction and guidance with patients. She loves spending her spare time with her son.

Favorite hobbies:  Travel and listen to music

 Yamilka Roteta, Dental Assistant
Yamilka joined our practice in 2010.  She loves being able to work hands-on with all the dental treatments our office offers.  She is known for her perseverance, and her great companionship.  She has no limits, formerly as a dentist in Cuba and now on her way to earn her dental hygiene license. She is married and has a daughter. Yamilka loves spending her spare time at the beach with her family.

Favorite restaurant: La Carreta

Blanca Camacho, Dental Hygienist
Blanca joined our practice in 1995. Her ladylike demeanor distinguishes her among patients. Originally a dentist in Cuba, she enjoys the role she plays in helping patients improve their oral health.   She is married with two sons and a granddaughter, Angile. On her spare time, she can be found spending time with her family and traveling to her vacation home in North Carolina.

Favorite travel destination: Anywhere with mountains  

Mayi Orozco, Dental Hygienist
Mayi has been a part of our team since 2009, she is our liason between Columbia and Cuba.  She likes the satisfaction she gets from helping patients improve their oral health.  She is married and has a daughter, Samaya. She spends her spare time with her family and friends.   Her sweetness and special personality has led her to have friends everywhere.

Favorite vacation: Anywhere to relax